CEO & Teacher - Connor Clarke-Oliver


- Connor Clarke-Oliver aka Conco has been dancing for 18 years.

- Having started out as a Ballroom & Latin American dancer, competing both in the UK & Europe where he has been placed first on numerous occasions, Connor holds the under 25s Latin Blackpool National win.

- Connor moved onto the Streetdance scene in 2010 and has been building Readings underground dance scene from 2012 being one of the leaders of (NCP 360 Dancers).

- Conco's main style is Popping & Hip-Hop but has a a great understanding and feel for all other street styles.

- He is a Judge & Mentor.

- UDO regional winner X4, UDO world finalist X3, Dance Africa all-styles winner, Street Jam 8 popping champion, UK streetdance champion X5, BDO All-Styles Winner and 101 Events Regional, Readings Got Talent Runners Up & UK Popping Champion X2.

- Connor was trained by Fiya House and international dancers such as Salah (France), Jr Boogaloo (USA), Bionic Man (USA), Dickson Mbi (Uk), Brooke Milliner (UK).

- He's currently part of UK streetdance crew "Funky Wholegrain" & Leader of "The Collective"

- Connor loves performing and has also been involved in numerous films, Music Videos, TV shows, Music festivals & TV adverts.

- BBC, JUST EAT, CANON, H3G Three Network, Huawei, Hilton Hotels, Reading Football Club and many more.

Teacher - Felix Clements


- Felix aka FullX has been dancing for 12 years.

-  Specialises in Breakdance.

- UK Streetdance Champion 2014 and 2016 Breaking 1v1 winner.

- Bracknells got talent 2013 winner.

- Performed as a solo performer at places like Southhill Park, the Hexagon and in front of thousands of people at Andover Carnival.

- Readings Got Talent Runners Up

- 3X winner at UK Streetdance Championships.

- He's currently part of UK Streetdance Crew "The Collective"

Teacher - Rhiannon Wijeratne


- Rhiannon aka Rhi Rhi has been dancing for 15 years.

-  Specialises in Commercial but has a wide foundation of styles from Poppin to Contemporary.

- UDO & BDO Champion 2015/16.

- Qualified at Tiffany Theatre College with a Performing Arts Diploma.

- Performed at Move It, the hexagon and many more in front of thousands of people.

- Readings Got Talent Runners Up.

- She's currently part of UK streetdance Crew "The Collective"

Teacher - Jonathan Price


- Jonathan Price aka Priceless has been dancing for 16 years.

- Jonathan started off with Musical Theatre and then became trained in multiple other styles such as Ballet, Modern and Jazz but was also specialising in Tap.

- Multiple Qualifications for Musical Theatre, Streetdance & Ballet.

- Jonathan started training in Streetdance in 2012 as a all style Streetdancer but his main style is Hip-Hop, Jonathan has also started to train himself in Gymnastics and Tricking to give himself a more diverse movement vocabulary.

- Jonathan is currently part of UK Streetdance crew “The Collective”

- Jonathan has been in previous Theatre productions, Music Videos and performed in live Music Festivals.

- UDO Regional Winner X5, UDO British Finalist, UDO European Finalist, 101 Regional Winner X2, 101 National Finalist, BDO Regional Winner, IDTA National Champion, IDTA Regional All-Star Champion.